Saturday, December 1, 2012

Busy, Busy!

This is such a fun time of year, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming....and will be here before we know it!  I'm busy filling orders for Christmas, putting the finishing touches on a new little chabby chic dollhouse, finishing up a renovation project, and working on new projects for the New Year!  Whew!  But I love building dollhouses and if I can help play Santa or recreate a childhood memory, it's all worth it!  I'll be posting some new pictures of my latest builds soon.  And I may be busy but I'm always available to answer questions and help you find the one of a kind dollhouse you're looking for!  Thanks for checking out my blog and I wish you a wonderful holiday season!  -Dawn

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My work on the Newport dollhouse is done!  It measures 32"W x 20"D x 42.5"H
It features:
  • Wallpapered rooms
  • Wood flooring throughout
  • Baseboards
  • Crown moulding
  • 2 toned staircase with banisters and posts
  • Working interior doors with hardware
  • Interior window trim
  • SPECIAL additional bonus room with built-in ladder access
  • A total of 11 rooms
Scroll down to my post "Building the Newport Dollhouse"to see all the finished pictures of this dollhouse and see it put together from start to finish.
To purchase please visit my online STORE:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Building the Newport Dollhouse

Hi everyone
I'm working on building the Newport Dollhouse right now.  I will be finishing it from top to bottom, inside and out and then offering it for sale.  I should be done by the end of October at the very latest and hopefully it will be sold and ready to delight someone for Christmas!  Here's a few pictures of my work so's going great and it's going to be magnificent!!!

I painted the exterior with a gorgeous sea blue color.  I just love it!
The interior is already taking shape with finished wood floors.  The walls have all been primed and will be ready for wallpapering soon.  I started painting and assembling the windows to be installed later. I've also added a special opening from the tower room to the rooftop room.  This adds an additional room to the dollhouse and more room for minis!  More photos of that as it takes shape!  Stay tuned and check back often for more!
 I've been hard at work and have finished putting in the windows and dormers.
The inside is taking shape too! I have finished all the wallpaper and soon will be working on painting all the baseboards, doors and window frames.  And shingling the roof!
 Fast forward- today is November 4th and I'm still hard at work finishing up this dollhouse.  I had to stop for a bit to finish and electrify a dollhouse for a customer who ran out of steam building the Vermont Farmhouse for her daughter.  So that's why my schedule is a little off.  I was planning on being done by the end of October so I might be a week or 2 off.  But you can see all the progress I've made!  I have shingled the dollhouse, put on all the exterior trim, painted and installed the door and painted, painted, painted!!
 Here's some of my parts drying.  There are a lot of railings to assemble and paint before I can install them.  Good thing is, once I'm done doing that I can put them on and the entire outside of the dollhouse will be finished!

I have to get this dollhouse all done so I can start work on a restoration project.  That's the dollhouse to the left here.  I have to replace the lights that aren't working and redo the entire inside.  Plus repaint all of the exterior. So basically redo everything!  The Newport is close to being finished.  Yeah!
And I have made a little progress on the inside.  I installed the staircase.  It looks so great.  More good stuff to add to the inside coming...check back in for more soon! 
 Today is Election day and aside from voting, I have been working away on this dollhouse trying to get it finished up.  Today I installed the doors and doorway trim, added baseboards to the 1st and 2nd floors and started with the crown moulding. 
 Here's the front door and staircase with crown moulding and baseboards. I decided to stain the trim for this dollhouse.  I matches the floors perfectly.
 I also stained the doors- love them!
 The exterior is done just some white paint touch-ups.  I looks awesome!
I'm almost done.  I will post all the finished pictures hopefully tomorrow!    
 It's totally finished and available NOW!  Here's a few pictures of the finished project:

The Newport Dollhouse by Little Darlings
 Welcome in to this beautiful dollhouse.  The black door looks so great and really stands out against the sea blue paint and all that crisp white trim. 
 The interior is full of details.  Stained wood floors throughout with matching baseboards, doors and staircase in the same stain. 
 Each room has been wallpapered in pretty colors with baseboard and crown moulding, interior window trim and doorways.  No detail has been left out!
 This is the front door and entry into the large family room.
 This is the 2nd floor bedroom, nice and spacious, ready to be decorated!
 Another 2nd floor room with 2 working doors and alcove.
 View of the 1st and 2nd floors.
 This is the 3rd floor with a very special bonus feature.  I have added an attic room with a built in ladder to get up there!  Those dolls need a way up there! 

Here is the front view of the bonus room.  I left off the back and kept it open.
Here's the view from the back.  My extra room! 
Note the ladder
 The tower room again with ladder and attic room on top.

This has been such a fun dollhouse to put together.  I love love love how it turned out.  Please let me know what you think and leave a comment! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New pictures from my newly finished Greenacres Dollhouse

Hello everyone!  I have new pictures of my finished and gorgeous Greenacres Dollhouse for you to see.  Scroll down or click link below to see them from start to finish!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Building the Greenacres Dollhouse

Here's the Front Opening Greenacres dollhouse by Real Good Toys.  I started work on it on Tuesday and have already accomplished quite a lot!  I'll be building it and when finished offering it for sale.  So if you're looking for a beautiful farmhouse dollhouse this one might be just what you're looking for! 

Stock Photo
Although I love yellow farmhouses I've decided to paint this one a pale pink with burgandy accents (the front door, window shutters similar to the above picture) with gray shingles.
Here's my siding and floors all painted and stained and ready to be put together.  I've chosen a pale pink for the exterior.  The color is perfect!  This kit is mostly wood with only a few MDF pieces. The dollhouse floors are real wood so I've stained and sealed them.   
The housebody assembly has begun! 

The foundation, sides and front are on.  Boy were the hinges a pain to install!

Here's one side open.

My small parts.  I already painted the front door and have stained and painted the staircase and banisters.  They'll be stained like the floors with white risers and spindles.  I've already taken care of a lot of the small details.  I haven't painted the windows yet but I'll need to wallpaper first then they'll go in last.  So I have plenty of time.  My shingles have been stained gray and are all set.  Once I put on the roof panels I'll be doing that next.  Of course there's also that big hinge to put on.  I hope it's easier than the side panels.  Stay tuned more to come!

 Today is Wednesday, July 18th and I've been working on the dollhouse for just over a week.  I've done a whole lot! The roof is on and hinged, roof gingerbread is on, the porch is on and now I just need to put on the trim pieces and shingle and I can start on the inside. 

Shingling has begun!
 Today is Wednesday July 25.  I have finished the shingling and I'm currently working on the interior of the dollhouse.  Above is a picture of the back of the dollhouse. You can see how it opens up.
 Here I'm working on my space planning and trying to decide how to put the interior walls in. 
 The outside is all finished except for the windows and shutters.  This dollhouse will have working windows. They'll be added after I finish the wallpaper. The front door is in.

My walls are up and the stairs are in minus the banisters and rails.  There's still lots to do but this is the fun part! Stay tuned for more! 
 Today is August 22nd and here are some new photos.  All the rooms have been wallpapered and I'm starting work on all the details that make a finished dollhouse truly complete.
 Here's my 2nd floor hallway and bathroom with 3rd floor above. 
 Family room with handcrafted built in fireplace and pretty opening into the rear room.  Baseboards and crown moulding to come.

The windows are going in along with the shutters.  The exterior wil offficially be complete once they're installed.  There's only a little bit of work left! 
 Today is Sept. 8th and I'm DONE!!!  This is the finished product!! Let me know what you think!  I just love how it turned out.  Especially the colors!  The perfect pink!
 My beautiful roof
 This farmhouse is just too cute! 
 Shingled to perfection
 This is one inviting front porch

 Here it is all opened up!  So cool.

 Front entrance, great stairs, notice the built in bookcase in the back.

 Decorated in shades of pink, blue and yellow.
 I love this room. 
 My add on built in fireplace.
 Great BIG room made to fit LOTS of miniatures.
 My bathroom
 My bathroom and adjoining bedroom
 3rd floor
So fun!  So done!  Yeah!