Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Building the Vermont Farmhouse Dollhouse

I'm currently working on building the Vermont Farmhouse for Lajuan!  She's chosen to have it painted peach with white accents and gray shingles.  It's going to be beautiful!  Here's what I've done so far...
 First things first, I had to sort all the parts and make sure everything was there.  All set to go there!  I have laid out all my parts and kept the small boxes for keeping the little pieces together and neat. 
 Next I dyed my shingles gray.  Here they are soaking up the stain.  They will take about 4 days to dry. 
Next I mixed pink and yellow to achieve the peach color Lajuan requested.  I haven't done a peach dollhouse before so I'm excited to see it all done!  All my exterior walls have been painted.  I don't know if the pictures I take with my camera will show the peach too good but it's a nice shade and looks very good in person.
 March 22nd  I have the basic housebody and foundation put together and the glue is drying.  You have to assemble it on a flat level surface.  This is my most level spot- my kitchen table.  I put it together after dinner so tomorrow morning when it's dry I can take it down to the basement to finish the rest. 
All the parts have been pre painted and the interior walls primed. Looking good, piece of cake! 
 March 27th  Okay, so a lot of painting!  I have just been painting away...all the porch parts, gingerbread, shutters, door, you name it.  Here's a small sampling of that work.
 I have attached the roof and put together the porch.  The parts all have to be painted ahead of time and now that they're done more building is being done.  I shingled the porch roof and will start on the big roof next.
 Porch looks great!
I added the side trim pieces and now the main roof is being shingled.  Lots more to do.  I assembled the windows earlier and will have to paint those next.  Before I install them I will be wallpapering and painting the interior.  That's after I finish up the shingling! 

April 1
 I have been busy working and have done a lot!  First of all the shingling is finished and I've started working on the interior.  Lajuan wanted a mixture of wallpaper and painted rooms in pastels colors so I've chosen a nice mixture of both. 
 This blue room has been painted and the window is in- I'm still painting the interior doors so I'll add those in later. 
 Here's the living room, wallpapered and stairs installed.
 Here is the exterior so far, I'm holding off installing the gingerbread on the sides and top so they won't be damaged in shipping.  They're all painted and ready to go. 
 April 2nd
 The interior doors are in. 
Now I'm working on the trim - all baseboards are in and tomorrow I will install the crown molding.  Then I'll do some touch up painting and it'll be done! 

April 3rd Final Day of work

 The dollhouse is all done!  I have finished putting in the crown molding and added the custom flower boxes.  All the painting touch ups are complete and here are the final pictures of this adorable dollhouse!

 I love this porch!

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