Monday, August 18, 2014

Building the Painted Lady Dollhouse

This is the Painted Lady Dollhouse by Real Good Toys.  I am currently building one for Kathy exactly as pictured above.  It will be finished inside in my Package C Form with the electric upgrade and built in fireplace. Here's what I've done so far...
Here is the 1st floor and foundation.  I have stained and finished the floors and painted the front edge white where the porch will be.

Painting parts!!  And my lights and trim to go in later...

 Assembly has begun.  Here is the basic frame.

More progress...

Here are all the window frames.  There's one for the inside and one for the outside.  All will be glued together and assembled, then painted white. 
 The roofs are on!
 Here is the electric tapewire going in.  Then the lights can be added. 
 Let there be light!  All the ceiling fixtures are in place.
 Shingling! There's lots more to shingle...
Added trim- the windows will go in last after the wallpapering and interior work is finished.  More to come!  Check back soon to see the fnished project!

August 25

 More work has been done.  The porch railng and trim has been assembled, painted and installed.
 Here's some of my painted parts ready to be installed, doors, stairs, windows, crown molding, etc

 All the shingling is finished.  Here's a good look at the tower room.
 Some windows are in now that I've wallpapered some rooms...
 More wallpapering and adding one more ceiling light then I can add in the baseboard and ceiling trim.
Looking great!
Aug. 31

 Finshed Interior including stained and finished floors, wallpapered rooms, baseboard, crown molding, upgraded staircases, working interior doors, fireplace, and lighting!
 Dining room/Family Room


Dining room with chandelier/Family room with fireplace
Front Door
It looks beautiful! Onto the next project! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Building the Harborside Mansion

Harborside Mansion Dollhouse Kit
This is the Harborside Mansion by Real Good Toys.  I'm building it and customizing the interior so when it's shipped to Dorothy in NY it will be done and ready to furnish!  This is a large 13 room dollhouse with a conservatory and wrap around porch with gazebo. Here's what I've done so far.
 First I stained the shingles and doors and painted all the windows. 
I painted all the exterior walls in green and started attaching the hinges for the open bay front.

Here's the conservatory parts, they're next...
 Painted and ready to go, the foundation, windows, shutters and walls.
 I stained the wood floors so there will be wood floors throughout.
 Assembly begins!
 Hinged bay door is on and roof attached.
 Working on the bay...
 Chimneys attached, bay balcony finished.
 Jump to the assembled conservatory and porch foundation going in.
 Gazebo and roof for the porch is on.
 Shingling and more shingling!  looks great!
Now planning my lighting layout and inteior wall placement.  Lots more to come! 
 Her some of the walls are in and all the lights have been installed. 

It's Finished!!! Here's the final turned out beautiful!

 Door panel that opens in front to reveal two rooms with access through to the rear of the dollhouse. 

 Gazebo and wrap around porch!  Love it!
 Dining room with chair rail

 It's so big!  Lots of rooms and decorating space inside.
 Front Hall and curved staircase
 Small family room or library off the Front Hall.  I added a custom built in fireplace and bookcases. 
 Second Floor Bathroom and adjoining bedroom
 2nd Floor hallway and front bedroom
 I love this room...So pretty
 Here's the kitchen.  My customer painted the cabinets and then sent them to me to install the countertops and then build it into the room.  It's has all the necessary amenities, refridgerator, sink, dishwasher, wall oven, stove, range hood, love, love, love it!  So nice. 
 I added a built in window bench on the 3rd floor

 I can hardly get  all the rooms in the picture!  The color pallette is neutral, soft and delicate.
Another successful dollhouse build!  I hope you enjoyed seeing it come to life!  Now to get it ready for shipping!