Saturday, May 13, 2017

Santa's Helper Dollhouse Pictures

Here are some dollhouses I built as Santa's Helper for Christmas 2016....I was so busy some of them are a blur but here are the highlights! And yes, there is a theme...they're all pink!  Santa must like to chose pink for his dollhouse gifts!

This is the shabby chic dollhouse I built.  I am a big fan of shabby chic decorating so this one was especially fun to do.  I love, love, love it! 
This is the interior of the shabby chic dollhouse in my Package B finishing. There are lots of different wallpaper patterns in various shades of pink and creams.  So lovely! 
 Here's another pink Vermont Farmhouse with window boxes.  

 This pair of Vermont Farmhouses were for two sisters.  I love seeing them side by side.  I can just imagine how pretty they looked under the Christmas tree!!!
 Alison Jr. in pink!  
Lastly, another pink Vermont Farmhouse- this time with darker pink shutters and door.  Santa did good this year! 

Alison Dollhouse with a twist

This is such a treat!  I built this Alison Dollhouse for Pamela.  She chose this fantastic color scheme and it was so much fun to build.  She wanted it "just so" and I was happy to oblige.  I love how it turned out!  The exterior is painted in "turquoise gem" with dark plum shutters.  I suggested the shabby chic/whitewash shingles after I had done them on a previous dollhouse and she gave me the thumbs up. I really like the effect and it really is a one of a kind look.  

 Pamela wanted one large open room on the first floor and a hallway created on the second floor.  All bright colors happy colors for the wallpaper.
The curtains are from Handley House and they look great.  Love your choices Pamela.  It's beautiful. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come!

Vermont Farmhouse with Colonial Addition

This pretty Vermont Farmhouse includes the two story colonial jr. addition.  This is for Leonora and her granddaughter.  They wanted to do the interior decorating so they chose my Package A finishing. Finished in a pale lavender color with grey roof and white trim it looks very pretty.  Have fun finishing it girls!

Alison Dollhouse with 2 Story Addition

Greetings Friends,
I have been so very busy this past year that I haven't taken much time to post new pictures and highlights from my dollhouse builds.  So today is the day!  I will be posting lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy!   
Here is the Alison Dollhouse with the two story addition done in my package C finishing.  I made this for Judy.  She chose to have the house painted in gray with burgandy door, shutters and window boxes.  

We also added my handmade window valances to the finished interior.  Lovely!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Finished Alison Dollhouse in Yellow

Here's an Alison Jr. Dollhouse that I just finished for Diane.  She chose a yellow color scheme with green accents and reddish brown shingles.  We added flower boxes on the porch railings and it sure looks inviting...
 time to take a peek inside...
Inside she chose my package C finishing with the added lighting package.   She also chose to have the two-toned staircases, a fireplace, chair rail in the kitchen and window valances installed for each of the windows.

 This green room is my favorite!
 Two toned painted staircase.
 This pretty yellow room was a close second for my favorite!
 This is the kitchen.  I installed a chandelier for a cozy dining spot.
 Here's the formal living room complete with a custom fireplace and lace valance on the window. It flows right into the kitchen/dining room. What a sweet dollhouse!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Custom Finished Harborside Mansion

Hello everyone!  Here's my latest dollhouse build, the Harborside Mansion by Real Good Toys.  This dollhouse kit features the beautiful wrap-around porch and gazebo as well as a conservatory.  It has a large footprint with 3 stories of rooms and a front access panel that opens to reveal two more rooms. I added lots of upgrades including lighting, window boxes, built in fireplaces and bookcases, a built in bay window seat and lace window valances.  Check it out!
 My customer chose blue with white trim for the exterior paint.
 Shingles were stained gray.
 Window boxes include yellow, white and purple flowers.
 Front access panel in the bay opens to reveal two more rooms.  My customer chose to make the upper room one extra large master bedroom that has access from the front and rear of the dollhouse.
 The lower room is the dining room with chandelier and bay window seat.
Floors and stairs were done in a dark stain. 

 The kitchen cabinets were added and fixed in place.  The pendant light highlights the large island with cooktop.
 If you look closely you can see the dining room with the bay window seat in the back room.
 The large family room in pink has a built in double bookcase and fireplace. There's also another one in the conservatory.  This dollhouse kit also comes with the circular staircase.

Upper rooms- bathroom on second floor left, hallway, large master bedroom on 2nd floor right.  3rd floor attic has hallway and two large rooms on each side.
I hope you enjoyed looking at this gorgeous dollhouse!  I think it turned out wonderful!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More Finished Dollhouses

Hello everyone!  Yes, it has been an extremely long time since I posted anything new.  It's not that haven't been working on dollhouses but have been too busy to stop and take the time to post new pictures.  So today that's what I'm going to do.  Here's a few highlights of some of my latest builds.

 This is a Newport Dollhouse with Addition.  It was painted in a cream color with rose colored door to match the small octagon window in the tower that has a stained glass insert.
 Flower boxes added to the windows and two porch lights were installed.  Beautiful!
 On the inside I installed lighting and my Package C finishings with many more upgrades.
Here's the dining room with lighted fireplace, chandelier, dark painted floors. 
 Bedroom and view of the hallway stairs.
Front door and living room.  I love this one!

Now onto the many Bostonian dollhouses I've built in last few months...
 Bostonian in green with dark roof
Another view
Bostonian in gray with gray roof.
 Bostonian interior- package C finishing with lighting.

 Now onto some smaller dollhouses...
Vermont Farmhouse in pink with flower boxes.  
Interior in Package C finishing with lighting upgrade and window valances, bookcase and fireplace. Just darling!

 Another finished in Package A- no interior work done on this one. Classic white house with black shutters and red front door.  This was a gift to a friend for their baby shower.
Truly I can't remember building this one!  But I like to see the different choices customers make on colors.  This one was gray with gray shingles -although my flash made them look a little brown. Flower boxes added in like colors. 

Painted Lady Dollhouse in bright green, shades of purple and pink!