Friday, April 26, 2013

My new spring/summer dollhouse project

Here is my newest dollhouse acquisition for remodeling and finishing!  I picked this up last weekend and I plan on finishing it and then putting it up for sale.  It's a Victorian Farmhouse.

 This large, going to be gorgeous, dollhouse has an open back plus a front opening panel that opens up to reveal two more large rooms.  It connects through a hallway on the 2nd floor and through a pretty curved arch on the 1st floor so you have access to these rooms in the front and the back!  So nice!
 This dollhouse has lots of windows even on the sides and will let in lots of light. 
 The original builder started some interior decorating but it's dingy and the wallpaper they installed is falling off so I will tear it out and start from scratch. 
There's lots of work to be done to finish this dollhouse up but it will be sooo worth it once it's all completed.  Check back often to see my progress and let me know if you're interested in purchasing it, once it's done it won't last long! 
 May 27th 2013
Here is the dollhouse with its new color scheme. I have painted it a pale blue color with light gray accents.  The doors and shutters are a darker shade of blue with gray undertones.  So far it looks much better!  I added on the front window and gable roof.  Inside I'm going to make a beautiful window seat. 
 Side view.  Notice the light gray paint just below the side roofline and the front triangle. There are lots of windows in this dollhouse even on the sides!  Love that.  It makes it so much brighter on the inside.
I've been busy painting the windows and I have the shutters all painted. 
 May 28th
Today I've been workking on more of the dollhouse exterior.  The porch is on and I've added the white trim pieces around the corners of the dollhouse.  I've also started shingling.  The gray/black shingles are going to look so good with all the blues and grays already on the house.  The windows have wonderful details and so far I'm really pleased with the results.  The interior floors are being stained and of those to come.
 Here is a picture of the "tin roof" detail I added today.  I glued on small wood strips and then painted it to look like weathered tin.  My neighbor's house has a small roof similar to this on their house (my inspiration).
Another picture of the tin roof...
 Today is May 29th and here is a picture of the wood floors I've been working on.  The original owner of the dollhouse spilled some paint and glue on the floors so a simple staining would not have worked.  So before installing all new flooring I first stained the floors then used an exterior paint- brown paint/stain (what you would use on a deck) to go over the top.  I played around with it and here's how it looks.  The floors are dark with almost a cherry look where the stain underneath comes through.  I put polyurethene on top and glossed it up and I think it's going to look good once I get all the wallpaper and finishing in place.
 The shingling is done!  Looks gorgeous, love the variation in colors.

Here is the picture that came with the kit.  It's the Country Lady dollhouse made by American Craft Products.  It came with some components but did not include siding or shingles.  I'll be adding lots of finishing details and will be offering it up for sale soon.  Check back often to see my progress!

 July 6th
Update, the dollhouse is coming along great.  The entire outside is finished and now I'm working on completing the inside.  I haven't taken pictures of all my work but here are the latest...
 Exterior side view, windows all in, shutters on, totally painted and shingled.
 The interior so far.  Each room has been wallpapered and flooring is in place.  The top left room doesn't have flooring yet, but will be added in soon.  Baseboards, interior window trim and crown molding left to do.
 My working doors are in.  This room needs baseboards and then it will be complete.
 Front view with the door open...bathroom on the top floor. 
 Bathroom again, the door leads to the 2nd floor hallway and connects to the rest of the house (rear access). This room just needs baseboards and window trim and it'll be done.  I love this floor!!
This is the front door and front room, staircase and trim to be added.  I installed a built in custom fireplace.  Everything is going good and I should be finished soon!

 Ok, it's all done!!!  See below for all the finished pictures!

This bottom room is found as you open up the front panel...note the built in window seat (with cushion) I added in the door!!  So cute!
There are lots of windows even on the sides of the dollhouse so you have lots of light flooding in.
I love this room.  I consider this the bathroom-  the door leads into the 2nd floor hallway.
This room turned out especially pretty. 

I handmade these flower boxes.  I think they look terrific!  Love the color scheme on the house.
I have carpet in this bedroom.  Three rooms have carpet, the bathroom has tile flooring and the rest have finished wood floors. 
Top floor bedroom with carpet, working door, window.