Thursday, November 27, 2014

Building the Dollhouse Prop for the Peter Pan Live Show

When I got a call from the Prop company helping with the Peter Pan Live Show, to air on NBC on December 4th I couldn't wait to get started!  The dollhouse will be used in Wendy's bedroom and will be very visible!  Be sure to watch for it!!!  I wanted to share with you all the building of the dollhouse and final pictures:
I built the Alison Jr Dollhouse by Real Good Toys in blue. Here it is assembled and ready for shingles.  It was a nice day so I took it outside to work on. 

 Looking good!
 Interior primed and ready for the wall dividers, then wallpaper, trims, stairs, the works!  It will be finished inside and out!  I wonder if you will just see the exterior on the show or inside too?  Last night I watched part of a special, "The Making of Peter Pan Live"  and I saw the dollhouse many many times in Wendy's room.  I only saw the exterior but it was prominently displayed.  So cool!  They ordered it finshed inside so we'll see....!
 Wallpaper and stairs installed, next is baseboards and crown molding. 
 Window boxes added in front.
 Finished!!!  It is gorgeous!!!  I can't wait to see it on tv!
 Side view
The interior is stunning.  I chose whimsical and colorful wallpaper patterns in purple, pink, blue, green and yellow.  They blend very well together.  I put chair rail in the bathroom on the second floor with pink stripes above and white below. I was under a time crunch so I took these pictures then boxed it right up for shipping. After I took this picture I thought, "next time I see it it will be on tv!".  I wonder what will happen to it after the show.... 
Want to see more?  Here is the Peter Pan Live official website:

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  1. Wow! Great to see the progress and final!