Friday, February 17, 2012

My New Dollhouse Project

I found another gem!  This is a huge gorgeous dollhouse made by Dura Craft.  It's called the Marquam Hill Mansion.  It has 3 stories and 8 rooms.  It was never finished by its previous owner and now I get to tackle it!  (Please see below- if you like what you see please know this dollhouse will be ready to purchase soon!! Call me with any questions and we can make it yours!)
This Dura Craft dollhouse kit is no longer being made because the Dura Craft company went out of business.  This isn't a dollhouse you'll find easily.  It was a rare find and I can't wait to finish it off properly. 
The exterior paint was started and the interior was painted white everywhere.  A blank slate!  How perfect!
Dura-Craft MR 625 Marquam Hill Mansion
Kit Stock Photo
I picked it up on monday and started work on it on thursday.  So far I'm working on finishing up the exterior paint.  I've kept some of the origional starting colors but added a few more to make it a true "painted lady" victorian dollhouse.  Here's what I've got so far...
There's so many more details and trim to be added.  Not to mention the windows and doors!  It's going to be so incredibly beautiful when I'm all finished.  I've ordered some materials for the inside and I can't wait to get them!
I've done some research on Dura Craft dollhouses and from what I've read this dollhouse model was their top of the line.  I'm excited to have found one!  I will be putting it up for sale once complete.  Stay tuned for more photos!
March 17
So here are a few more pictures.  I've been busy painting the exterior of the house and have finally decided on a deep purple,  lavender and blue for the accent colors.  A true painted lady victorian dollhouse should have at least 3 colors.  My base color is beige and then there are lots of pops of color in the details.

Front windows with added "stained glass" on top.  I can't wait to finish the exterior so I can work on making custom window boxes for the street level windows.  And a few plants and touches for the front porch.
Today is April 11th and I'm back working on this dollhouse.  I had a dollhouse renovation I was working on and now that it's finished I'm back on track with this dollhouse.  Today I finished the stone work for the foundation and chimney.  Here it is with the mix on ready for removal. 
Now you can see it's finished all the way around and drying. 

Another thing I've been working on is the shingles.  Before they were installed on the main roof but not this small alcove.  So I finished up the shingling and dyed them to look weathered with a hint of the deep plum color I've been using as an accent color throughout the exterior of the house.  I think it looks terrific!  (I also had to take the time to repair some shingles on the main rooftop where the previous owner's cat had chewed off several shingles.  That was a must do!)
The doors are in and the porch rails are up.  I havent installed the windows yet.  That will come later after I wallpaper the interior.

So here is the Marquam Hill now with its foundation finished and roof repaired, finished and stained.  Not bad for a few days work!
 Today is May 6th and I've started work on the inside of the dollhouse.  Here is my first mostly completed room, the front entrance hall.  It features a marble floor that I created out of marble flooring sheets that I cut 1 inch by 1 inch and installed one by one.  I love how it turned out!

I also began work on my staircase.  It's looking good!
 Today is May 18th and I've been working on the interior of the dollhouse.  Wallpapering is going good.  Soon I'll be installing the windows, baseboards and doing more work on the stairs. 

 Not to mention the entire 3rd floor!  And attic! 
 Carpet is in and there's more to come for the 3rd floor.  There are lots of details to see to but everything's going along smoothly.  More pictures coming soon! 
 Today is friday May 25th and I've been busy finishing the exterior of the dollhouse.  The windows have been installed and I have been making custom window boxes with white and plum colored flowers.  They turned out so nice. 

 I love this porch! 

 Work inside has been moving along. More wallpaper has gone up and some finishing details have been added.
 2nd floor.  Carpet looks good, staircase done. 
 This is the living room on the 1st floor and I've added a custom window bench.  I love how you can see the flowers from the window box just outside.  More to be added in this room will be window coverings and crown molding. 
3rd floor room wallpapered.  So as you can see there's more to be done but I'm in the home stretch!  It's going to be gorgeous dollhouse! 
 Today is June 5th and I'm DONE!!! This dollhouse is finally complete!  Please scroll down to see all my hard work!
 Exterior view - I just love all the detail of this kit.
 Bay left side

 Inviting front porch and steps with handcrafted flower boxes

 I love this picture with the colorful paints and upgraded porch railings I used.
 Great view of the staircase

I had to step way back to get the entire dollhouse in this photo! 
Now for the interior of the house:
 I really love this wallpaper. I chose very sophisticated wallpapers for this house.   This room has a working interior door and working window. 
 Front entryway with marble floor tiles, border, chair rail and crown molding. 
 Grand staircase and living room with built in fireplace and custom made bay window bench.
 Now onto the 2nd floor with carpet, baseboards and huge windows in this room.  Staircase looks great. 

 This room opens up to the 2nd floor balcony and featues the same marble tile flooring as the room below with baseboards and beautiful wallpaper.
 So inviting! Notice the door handles!
 3rd floor room with lots of windows, window alcove, chair rail topper and vaulted ceiling.

 This is my favorite room, well 2, no 3 rooms in 1! There's a room in the back with hardwood and pink striped wallpaper with chair rail.  In front is another room with carpet and coordinating pink damask wallpaper.  And then it features the added built in ladder to the very top of the dollhouse, the special attic room. 
So here it is everyone, I'm all done.  What fun!  I am offering this dollhouse for sale for $850.00.  Please contact me with any questions or to purchase this fine dollhouse for yourself or your "little darling".


  1. What a beautiful creation. You certainly have a flair for originality and detail. Love it!

  2. Only 850? That's an amazing deal!