Monday, February 3, 2014

Customized Newport Dollhouse with Addition

Hi Everyone
I have just finished working on a Newport Dollhouse with Addition.  This is a very customized dollhouse!  My client has chosen to upgrade the dollhouse with custom railings, windows and door for the exterior along with interior finishing touches with lighting, wallpaper, trims, stair banisters and much, much, more!  all with a unique layout that truly makes it one of a kind. Here are some pictures:

This is a white tone on tone color scheme with gray shingles and foundation.  The windows have been upgraded, railings are all custom, the shingles are both octagon and square for a beautiful victorian look. My client plans to add her own flowers and exterior accents. I know she has a lot of plans for the inside too!
 2 porch lights welcome visitors as they come up the porch steps.
 All custom railings (different from the ones that come with the kit) have been added as well as the grill above the porch.
 I shingled the roof in a mixture of gray square and gray octagon shingles. 
 On the tower I added a small balcony. 
 Here is the interior!  All rooms have 1-2 ceiling lights that add so much warmth and glow to the rooms. 
 I painted the hardwood floors with a whitewash giving the dollhouse a light and airy feel. 
 Here's a good look at the stairs with the "Victoria Stair" laser cut pieces from Heritage Laser Works. I added the banisters around these pieces and painted them white to match the baseboards and crown molding.
 Here is the dining and living room that leads into the beautiful kitchen!
 Here's my favorite room. the master bedroom.  I love the wallpaper my client chose for this room.  I looks great with the windows and beautiful chandelier.
 Here is the tower hallway that leads up to the tower room at the top.  It has a pulldown attic and stairs. 
 I love this wallpaper too with the scalloped trim.
 Attic pulldown with chain.
 The colors blend so well.
 Tower area- I added stairs on each side of the top tier so the "people" can go down to the  rooftops on either side.
 Notice the tower rear is closed but it is hinged to open....see next photo
 Open- cute tower room with light, leads down to the massive rooftop area.

The windows work too :)  So cool!  This was a very big project!  I am so pleased with how it turned out- because it's just how my client wanted it!  That's custom! 


  1. A lovely dollhouse. Your customer must be delighted with it. My house has those windows also, however non-working. I think I will have to substitute some working much better.

  2. OMG Dawn, I admit this blog article inspired me to choose the Newport as my very first dollhouse to put together. This is phenomenal. I was wondering how you moved the stairs to the center, as in the kit they appear on the left. Did you have to cut your own stair hole in the middle and close up the hole on the left somehow? How did you do it?! :) Your house turned out gorgeous and I can only hope mine turns out half as nice. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us all!!!!!!

    1. I, too, was very pleased to see the stairs moved to the center, because every time I see this house the "usual" way, it just looks "off"! I also would have moved the door from the side to the center, but maybe that's just me!