Monday, August 18, 2014

Building the Painted Lady Dollhouse

This is the Painted Lady Dollhouse by Real Good Toys.  I am currently building one for Kathy exactly as pictured above.  It will be finished inside in my Package C Form with the electric upgrade and built in fireplace. Here's what I've done so far...
Here is the 1st floor and foundation.  I have stained and finished the floors and painted the front edge white where the porch will be.

Painting parts!!  And my lights and trim to go in later...

 Assembly has begun.  Here is the basic frame.

More progress...

Here are all the window frames.  There's one for the inside and one for the outside.  All will be glued together and assembled, then painted white. 
 The roofs are on!
 Here is the electric tapewire going in.  Then the lights can be added. 
 Let there be light!  All the ceiling fixtures are in place.
 Shingling! There's lots more to shingle...
Added trim- the windows will go in last after the wallpapering and interior work is finished.  More to come!  Check back soon to see the fnished project!

August 25

 More work has been done.  The porch railng and trim has been assembled, painted and installed.
 Here's some of my painted parts ready to be installed, doors, stairs, windows, crown molding, etc

 All the shingling is finished.  Here's a good look at the tower room.
 Some windows are in now that I've wallpapered some rooms...
 More wallpapering and adding one more ceiling light then I can add in the baseboard and ceiling trim.
Looking great!
Aug. 31

 Finshed Interior including stained and finished floors, wallpapered rooms, baseboard, crown molding, upgraded staircases, working interior doors, fireplace, and lighting!
 Dining room/Family Room


Dining room with chandelier/Family room with fireplace
Front Door
It looks beautiful! Onto the next project! :)

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