Thursday, January 31, 2013

Building the Greenacres Dollhouse II

I have taken an order for the Front Opening Greenacres Dollhouse for Vicki!  She has chosen to have this dollhouse completely finished inside and out and electrified.  I will be painting it yellow with white trim for all the trimwork, doors and shutters.  I will be showing pictures of this dollhouse from start to finish so keep checking back as my progress continues....AND don't forget to check out my online store to place a custom dollhouse order of your own!!
Here are the shingles.  I'm staining them a reddish brown.  These shingles are made of pine and don't soak up the stain as much as other types so they will be a nice light shade.  They'll look great with the yellow paint.

Now I'm painting like crazy.  I have run out of white paint so I'm off to the store tomorrow to get some more.  I'll need lots of white! 
I've also stained my wood floors and my stair posts and rails.  All my staining is done!  I'm already done with the yellow too.  All the clapboard siding has been painted.  I'm making progress...lots more to come...

Febuary 7, 2013
 I've completed the hardest part of building this dollhouse.  At least for me!  Getting the hinges screwed into these mdf boards is tough!  I can tell you I have several blisters from gripping the screwdriver so much.  But the good part is it's done and the doors are on!!!
 Here's the front going on...
Weighing down the housebody to the foundation...
The front opening doors are on and it's starting to take shape!  Lots of painting to go....and of course the roof, the shingling, all the interior...whew!  Ok there's lots more work to do!  Stay tuned for more...

Saturday, February 9, 2013
 I have been working on a few things at once, first the shingling.  I have completed the back of the dollhouse and I'm adding the side trim so the entire rear of the dollhouse will be finished and I can just turn it around facing front and go to work on the rest. 
 The front is taking shape.  I have installed the porch and have added the gingerbread trim to the sides and front.  The front door has gone in and one window.  A few more to paint and then install!

Monday, February 11th
 Today I started adding the side trim to cover up the seams where the walls meet.  I also started on the electric wiring!  Here's my junction splice and yes, we have power.  The line is started and will run throughout the house.  I'll be installing six ceiling lights and 5 outlets so additional lamps can be plugged in.
 Looking even better with the front trim strips on...more shingling to come but I have to buy some more hot glue sticks....
Partly opened up...lots more to add on the inside. 

Today is February 25 and I had taken a few days off from dollhouse construction for the holiday but I'm back hard at work.  Not to worry Vicki, I'm still on schedule! I have installed the tape wire for the electric and have started installing the lighting fixtures and outlets. 

I have added the 2nd floor partitions and now that the rooms are divided up I can install the ceiling fixtures for the 2nd floor.  It's getting there, keep watching! 

Friday, March 1st
Today I have more pictures of the exterior of the dollhouse, the ceiling lights are all installed and wallpapering has begun!

 Lights on, wallpaper started!
 Shingling is done and all the windows are in and shutters attached. It looks beautiful!
The outside is almost done, I just need to add a few more trim pieces above the porch and a few paint touch ups and it's done!!

March 4th
So the dollhouse is nearing completion.  Over the weekend I installed all the wallpaper and now I'm working on adding the baseboards and trim.

I just put in the staircase.  The doors are in as well as the trim around the first floor doorways.  Only the crown moulding and final touchups remain! 

Wednesday, March 6th
 Vicki's Greenacres Dollhouse

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  1. It's looking really good! Can hardly wait! Been so much fun watching you build it for me! Thanks! Vicki